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A brief history of T. Roos

T. Roos was started more than 60 years ago, when Mr Roos ventured into something new as he started his own business under the name T. Roos (CC) Since then, T. Roos has established itself as a dynamic tax and accounting firm with a large client base, composed mainly of clients in the Free State.

This is the story of T. Roos (CC)

The year was 1956, April, when Mr Roos had just resigned from the Department of Inland Revenue after discovering talk that he was to be transferred to Johannesburg. Not eager to move up north, it was then that T. Roos was birthed. It was a steady progression for the newly-formed business, establishing up to three offices by 1963 before moving to BP House West Burger St, across from the Public Library.

As the business and its client-base grew, Mr Roos soon sent a letter to Mr Grobbelaar Snr who had been his colleague at SARS between 1956 and 1957. Mrs Anna Smith also joined to take on the business’s administration. Starting on the new premises with not so much as a single desk, Mr Roos, Mr Grobbelaar Snr, and Mrs Smith were the first team to embark on a journey that was to be marked by continued firm success and growth.

Less than two years later, the business premises, which had since grown from three to five offices, became too small for the thriving firm. This meant that the firm had to move location, and T. Roos found its new home into the Trustfonteingebou. Mauritz Roodt joined the firm in 1967 (having worked with Mr Grobbelaar Snr at SARS Klerksdorp) and the firm’s first bookkeeper Anna Haarhoff was appointed shortly after in 1968.

The growth path that the firm enjoyed from its humble beginnings to what was starting to become a well-known firm in Bloemfontein, was a testament to the hard work of its employees. P. De Villiers and WA Duursema were the latest top-level recruitments at the firm when they joined in March 1974. Bolstered by the success of the firm, Mr Roos retired that same year.

Optimism now spiralled high at T. Roos as once again there was a change of office location to Bankovs in 1974, even leaving a surplus of offices being rented in order to accommodate further growth. The optimism was well-judged as the growth continued for more than 30 years, leading to the firm’s latest move in 2005 of merging with CMS Financial Services. Meanwhile, P. De Villiers had retired in 1994, replaced by Kobus Smit. Mr Smit left the firm in 1997 and CF Grobbelaar JR and JP Paulsen joined at the same time.

Over the years T. Roos has seen its staff grow from strength to strength with many skilled individuals who have given their best to see their clients’ accounting and tax needs met. Today, T. Roos handles all the tax and accounting services of the firm, managed by Mr Grobbelaar Jnr, JP Paulsen, JH Claassens and A. Bubb. Not only does the firm still enjoy the success on which it was built, but also operates satellite offices in Ficksburg and Dordrecht.

The story of T. Roos is a testament of the faith that clients have been placing in us from the start and we trust it to continue for many more years with clients who have become family.

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