October 14, 2021

Transfer of assets between spouses: What are the tax implications?

Section 9HB of the Income Tax Act provides for a roll-over of a capital gain or loss when an asset is transferred between spouses during their lifetimes. The roll-over is mandatory, and spouses do not have the option to elect out of it. The policy rationale for the roll-over is that the transferor spouse must benefit from not immediately having tax exposure on a transaction since the transferee spouse will pay the downstream tax when they eventually dispose of an asset, or when it becomes part of the estate. Importantly, the roll-over relief in section 9HB will not apply when a […]
September 14, 2016


It is an unfortunate reality that marriages may after many years end up in divorce. When this happens the parties either have to agree on how assets are to be split between themselves, or a court would order a certain division of assets to apply. One such asset which is often involved is the accumulated pension fund of one of the parties. Not only is it then a matter of how much is to be paid out to the non-member spouse, but also what the tax implications of such a payment is, as well as who is responsible for bearing […]
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