May 4, 2021

Six ways you can improve your business’s cybersecurity measures

How well are you equipped for handling cyber threats to your business? Take the quiz below to test your knowledge on cybersecurity. 1) You just received an email from a client telling you to attend to an urgent financial matter with a link to help you. Do you… ? a.) Click the link provided to sort out the problem as quickly as possible. b.) Delete the email because all emails like these are scams. c.) Carefully assess the sender address and content, and contact the sender via a previously used channel. There are many cybercriminals out there who are intent on gaining access to company secrets and […]
September 17, 2020

New caution required this tax season as scams abound

In late August 2020, a large credit bureau in South Africa was the target of a data breach where millions of private individual and company data records were compromised. This data leakage, coupled with the tax filing season, makes for the perfect opportunity for taxpayers’ information to be abused, subjecting taxpayers to potential financial loss. Scammers thrive on the inherent vulnerability of taxpayers during the tax season and know how to capitalise on the taxpayers’ struggles in dealing with SARS and their fear of the tax process. In Augusts 2020 alone, many correspondence scams that contain links to phishing websites have already been identified: SARS eFiling a statement of account has been issued – 19 August 2020 Correspondence for your attention – 17 August 2020 Audit SMS – 13 August 2020 Online funds redemption – 11 […]
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