July 28, 2020

Setting your business up for expansion

When businesses expand, they often look beyond national borders. With such an expansion, there are several added advantages for establishing a holding company, which then owns the various group operating companies in different jurisdictions. Various aspects contribute to considering an ideal holding company location, and a brief discussion is outlined below. Political stability Political instability and constant political upheavals cause uncertainty within the jurisdiction and foreign countries that do business with that jurisdiction. Ease of doing business This does not specifically refer to actual business done by the company but relates to the associated (support) industries that one may encounter […]
June 10, 2015

Take your business to the next level

Your business will stagnate if you keep to the status quo. You cannot just keep doing what you’ve always done. Take former movie rental giant Blockbuster as an example. Even its brand familiarity and market dominance was not enough to save it when other companies reacted to critical market changes, and Blockbusters didn’t. Review the following steps to ensure that your business strategy evolves and develops to make your business grow. Step One: Cultivate creativity Every business has to innovate to stay in the race. Cultivate creativity in your company. Bring diverse employees with diverse ideas together and encourage them […]
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