April 13, 2023

Finding the right money partner

What to consider when choosing a financial planner As we journey through life—from our first jobs to marriage and children, retirement and planning our estates—it is essential to have a certified financial planner. They can guide us through every stage in life, helping us to save enough and leave a legacy for our loved ones. You need to consider a number of factors when looking for a trusted person to partner with. These pointers will help you find someone you can relate to and ask to become your adviser. Professionalism Accredited financial planners spend many hours on their continuous professional […]
July 7, 2020

Why an estate plan is crucial

We’ve all seen it in movies and novels: A young unsuspecting person wakes up one day to find out that they had been left an extraordinarily large estate from a distant relative that they hardly knew existed. We chalk it up to an absurdity. Something like that would never happen in real life, would it? Although it may seem farfetched, intestate succession happens far more often than one might realise. Statistics from the Master of the High Court in September 2019 showed that 70% of working South Africans do not have a will (or by extension, estate plan). Apart from […]
September 14, 2017


Dit is baie belangrik dat jy jou boedel, wat ’n lewende testament, ’n laaste testament en ’n lewende trust kan insluit, beplan. Dit kan help om gesinne vir moeilike tye voor te berei, wanneer jy nie meer naby is om hulle te help of te adviseer nie. Ons lewens word by die dag besiger en meer gekompliseerd en dus word boedelbeplanning vir jonk en oud al hoe belangriker. Jong mense moet oorweeg om sekere boedelbeplanningsdokumente betyds op te stel. Wanneer om met boedelbeplanning te begin? Op die ouderdom van 18 word ’n jong man of vrou amptelik ’n volwassene in […]
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