August 15, 2023

Tempted to use AI as a personal finance assistant? limitations and risk factors to consider

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionised numerous industries, including personal finance. With AI chatbots providing real-time, human-like responses to queries, one might be tempted to fully entrust their financial management to these digital assistants. However, while AI offers undeniable benefits, it’s essential to understand its limitations, particularly when dealing with sensitive areas such as personal finance. Make sure you consider the potential pitfalls of using AI as a personal finance assistant. AI chatbots like ChatGPT are trained on a plethora of data sources such as news articles, books, and social media. This extensive knowledge base allows them to provide advice on […]
July 3, 2019

Becoming a Chartered Accountant

The process of becoming a chartered accountant can be a gruelling and challenging part of your life, just ask any chartered accountant out there. Becoming a CA(SA) requires a minimum of four years of studies and three years internship that can be split into six steps: Admission to university To get admission to university for charted accountancy requires you to get good marks in mathematics and accounting during your grade 12 school year. This will form the base of your knowledge and, while the actual subject content is not earth-shatteringly useful, the logic and process of thinking are vital. An […]
October 19, 2017


As jou besigheid nie ’n effektiewe rekeningkundige stelsel in plek het nie, loop jy die risiko om ernstige foute met jou finansies te maak. Verder maak ’n goeie rekeningkundige stelsel eenvoudig die lewe makliker, en kan jy meer fokus daarop om jou besigheid te laat groei. Dit help jou om die prestasie van jou besigheid te evalueer: ’n Goeie rekeningkundige stelsel gee jou ’n deeglike oorsig van die finansiële prestasie van jou onderneming. As jy nie ’n rekeningkundige rekord het nie, hoe sal jy weet of jou besigheid groei of krimp? So, jou rekeningkundige rekords help jou om te weet […]
August 11, 2015

ARC Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters en Ouditeure: Bloemfontein

Dit is vir ons baie aangenaam om aan te kondig dat Claassens & Grobbelaar Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters saamsmelt met die oudit firma ARC Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters, die maatskappy sal voortaan as ARC Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters en Ouditeure Vrystaat bekend staan. ARC Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters is ‘n nasionale firma met takke regoor Suid Afrika. In hierdie baie mededingende industrie merk die samesmelting vir ons die begin van vele nuwe groei geleenthede in verskeie sektore wat in die verlede nie moontlik was nie. Die samesmelting verdiep ons  kundigheid  en vergroot ons kapasiteit wat ons in staat sal stel om ‘n hoër gehalte diens te lewer aan […]
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